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Parking issues?

  Elite Compliance Services LLC is a parking enforcement and management vendor for privately owned property.  We can alleviate any parking nuisances that may occur by means of immobilization, also known as booting. A full service registration portal is available to organize authorized vehicles allowed on the property.  This system enhances enforcement measures leaving no room for error.  Clients are given access to this portal which creates complete transparency when using our services.

  Our current clients range from residential complexes, retail businesses, metered parking lots, parking garages, small business lots, corporate office lots, and so on.  No job is too small or too cumbersome to take on as we are prepared to professionally handle any parking circumstance!  

  We have current licensure within Palm Beach county and Broward county.  Our standards are very high to ensure our technicians are given thorough training and reflect professionalism at all times.  We are also highly insured and can validate this by certificate for potential and/or current clients.  We are third party vendor compliance service friendly.  Our staff is ready to discuss your parking compliance needs and design a catered parking enforcement plan for your property!  

  • No vehicle damage liability

  • Quick response time

  • Highly insured company

  • Available 24/7

  • Professionally trained staff

  • Less invasive measures

  • Promotion of parking compliance

  • Boots are double dipped in rubber for added protection 

  • 10+ years experience

  • Client log in to access all enforcement and registration information.

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